A Full Benefits Outlook for the 2020 Female-led Startup

Start-ups are interesting for a number of reasons. Their culture is often significantly different than that of established companies and they have their own sets of challenges.

Since there’s nothing conventional about startups, it’s truly no surprise that so many people are interested in working for one. After all, startups present learning opportunities that are completely different than the type of opportunities available at large corporations, and they leave no stone unturned in trying to improve employee morale.

What’s more, when working at startups, there’s a higher chance that your voice will be heard compared to larger organizations.

A Practical Benefits Outlook

Still on the fence about joining a startup? Here’s a quick benefits outlook for female-led startups in 2020 that will help change your mind!

More Vacation Time

Startups try to steer as far away from the norms of the conventional business environment as possible. That’s exactly why most startups have their own rules and the people there love to do things differently.

One area in which startups differ significantly from conventional businesses is the amount of paid time off. Startup culture is all about meeting and networking with people. Founders of startups understand that this —along with all the work that you have to do at a startup — can be overwhelming for employees which is why they believe in offering more vacation time to employees.

Since creativity and innovation are absolutely essential to survive and thrive in a startup, the downtime does employees well. More often than not, employees are more productive when they return from a vacation or short break and are able to deliver better results.

Free Transportation

Any startup benefits outlook will be incomplete without free transportation. While startups may not pay as much as the behemoths of the industry, they do offer benefits that matter.

Offering free transportation both to and from the workplace is one of the best ways to increase employee morale at your startup and retain talent. This is because employees generally feel like spending money on commuting to work is a waste. Also, most employees get angry about the fact that they have to spend money to earn money. By offering free transportation, you can put these concerns to rest and increase the likelihood of employees being motivated when they come to work.

Remote Working

Ever felt like you could be a lot more productive from a hotel room with a balcony that overlooks the Swiss Alps than you could ever be in your cubicle? Well, startups let you do just that!

Remote working is something that’s not only allowed but also encouraged in startups. Most startup founders have already worked for years on end in large multinational corporations before they get around to starting their startup. That’s why there’s a high chance that they understand your resentment towards showing up to work every single day (probably because they felt the same way!).

When you’re working for a startup, you can almost be certain that you’ll be allowed to work from anywhere in the world. As long as you’re getting the job done, no one will ask you twice why you didn’t show up to work all of the previous weeks.

Growth and Learning Opportunities

One of the major reasons why people are drifting away from conventional businesses is the lack of growth and learning opportunities, as well as poor employee retention. Old corporations that have been around – and enjoyed success – for decades tend to have a very rigid style of working. That said, millennials and people from Generation Z enjoy bringing their own unique twist and personality to everything that they do. This is why most fresh graduates that are just entering the workforce tend to ditch their jobs at established companies to join a startup.

Even though working at a startup might not sound as inspirational as landing a C-level position at a great company like Intel, there’s still so much that you can learn. In fact, since you’re expected to make do with limited resources, you truly understand what you’re capable of and are able to develop solutions that you never knew you could.

Additionally, when you’re working at a startup, you decide your own pace and trajectory. Whether you’re in the design team and want to learn from the marketing team or want to learn a thing – or five – from the IT department, you won’t ever find anyone limiting your opportunities when you’re working at a startup.

Conclusion: A Positive Benefits Outlook is Important

Working at a startup can be fun and intimidating at the same time. That said, saying no to a startup just because the pay isn’t as handsome as other jobs can be a grave mistake. Some startups even offer practical benefits, such as access to a Fiserv account, to help employees with their finances. We hope this startup benefits outlook helped put things into perspective and convinced you to give working at a startup a shot.